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This 50ohm splitter allows you to send equal amounts of signal to 4 antennas for similarly sized areas. Each output port loses less than 3dB at 700MHz - 2,300 MHz. Our splitter has N female connectors and includes a 50 watt power rating. 4 Way Splitter, 50 Ohm with N Female Connectors. -3 dB, 700-2700 MHz. Key Features.. VHF High Power Coaxial Hot Switch & Switchless Combiner. The MCi High Power VHF Switchless Combiner is designed to combine and/or switch two transmitter inputs to one or both of the combiner outputs. The switching operation can be done under full power without interruption of programming. MCi now extends their line of high power switchless .... k24z3 wiki. Buy 24 Ports RF Combiner High Isolation Passive For Mixing RF Signal for 67 usd in the online store SilicaTech Store. Compare specifications, photos and reviews of 4 offers from other stores at a price of 2.37 usd.. The difference is that a splitter takes in one signal and makes two out, while a diplexer or combiner takes in two signals and makes one out.
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